martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Perth pronosticos hurdle 26 septiembre Uk

Amazing revolution in Spain, nobody belive politics, where the benefit is privacy and tha loss is publicy.
Thank you my horse friends, my dreams are seing you runing racing every day and jumping for win.
Tomorrow Perth a new journal hurdle and chase in Uk
My pronostics are done to make emotional winner getting the goal.
C1 Dotties Dilema ( non runner)
C2 Esporao
C3 kai Brone
C4 Third half
C5 Oscar Glory
C6 Bondaje
These pronostic are risk to leave that all is posible in hurdle and chase, a great pasion, God save turf !

Newton Abbot 26 sept pronostics hurdle and chase

Thank you to everyone who follow my blog.
All my pronostics are based by my experience wrld turf analysis.
Im great supporter on hurdle and chase UK and Irland.
Newton Abbot pronostics 25 sept 2012
C1 My legal lady
C2 Tiger otoole
C3 Next exit
C4 Mostly bob
C5 Bingo desmottes( non runner)
C6 wait no more
C7 whisling senator
Im sure these racing horses are burned to win and make much money if one of then win Newton Abbot, no risk no glory, see yoo soon