lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

Pineda Yes We Could

One of the most important thing yourself is to keep in balance when you are moving on.
Horse racing were run out during 8 months ear,y this year, and nowaday we are so grateful they are coming again 
Pineda is one of course where you can visit and enjoy seeing one nice meeting.
Tomorrow we have five races and as you know the favorite horse usually win each race.
I recognize that it is not good at pronostic analysis, however I feel very confident to find one surprise horse who you can invrease your profits of bets.
Here are my pronostics:
C1 Prince Alay
C2 Put The Bunny
C3 Dubai Spring, Argos
C4 Yes We Could, Cinnamon
C5 First Move, Whistleinthewind, Hispanico
20.000 euros are waiting by Turfhipodromos pronostic in Quintuple Plus, horse lotery from Spain, if you are the only one who is right the five race, que including the second horse of the fitth race.
God save The Queen!