jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

Fontwell and Hexham UK horse racing hurdle and chase

It,s time to do my best pronostic only winner twin each race.
C1 Fine Resolve & Soutfork
C2 First fandango & There is no panic
C3 Hi note & Coffee
C4 Marodima & Mister matt
C5 Galaxy rock & Mavalenta
C6 Terra blue & Double chocolate
C7 Rendt beach & Al Alfa


C1 Fast exit
C2 Kellys Brow
C3 On broadway
C4 Seedless
C5 Dotties dilema
C6 Cilliseal
C7 Whisky Galora

The end with a whisky on the rocks is a happy one.

See you next jumpimg horse racing and God save turf!