miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Cheltenham Festival Day 3

My 8 tips Day 2 were profitables, 5 places 5/1 a 10/1 and the best winner world chase Sprinter Sacre.

I feel very confidence with my pronostics, I know so well all of then because I saw all the previus races on live.

without be good in nothing My pronostics are considered the best ones

My pronostics 14th march

1330 Captain Conan i belive him

1405 Junior my best follower

1440 Cue Card

1520 I like more Oscara Dara than Oscara Whisky

1600 Cantlow come on Mc Coy

1640 Richards Sundsnce con Mr Josua Guerrero

1715 Uncle Junior