jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Gold Cup Cheltenham

My best wishes for McNamara, I hopeyou the best health, Im sure God save you, see you soon with us, you are the gold man, please, come on well, I pray, God save my friend!

Gold cup need your love for live, its the great win.

I would like to see you fine, the best news what I feel as soon as posible, come on MsNamara, you can do it,

No words after this bad news so I wish you the best always.

My favorite horse are Rolling Star, Diakili at 1330, Tarneko Emery snd Ted Veale at 1405, Utopi Der Borgues at 1440, Silviniaco Conti Gold Cup, Chapoturgeon at 1600, MaFelloule at 1640, and the end meeting Alderwood McCoy at least.