martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Haydock 31th october halloween horse racing

Good halloween nigth Ladies and Gentlemen, before the horse racing never stop supporting in my blog, you know my feelings on hurdle and chase, only win who reach the goal first, nobody knows what happening few moments before.

C1 Rigth to role
C2 Ocallaghan Strand
C3 Josies orders
C4 Satau
C5 Mirific
C6 Tahiti pearl

Wether If you think you can than if you think you can not, you are rigth, it is a relentless lawyer, you konw No risk no glory

Taunton 30th october horse racing

Be a safe with Sandy, God save people health!

Here in United Kingdom tha weather is better and good to soft;

C1 Thinks is all over
C2 No woman no cry
C3 Molotof
C4 Revani
C5 Cruise in style
C6 Shooters wood
C7 Kilmurvy