martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Ludlow and Towcester 10 october jumpin horse racing

Here we are to pronostic a new journal of hurdle and chase in UK
C1 Haymarket
C2 Titch Strider
C3 Oscar Glory
C4 Shabak hom
C5 The rockies
C6 Acordingtoilent
C7 Abruzzi

C1 Green back
C2 Thanks for coming
C3 Osmosia
C4 Buxom
C5 hit de switch
C6 Royale knigth
C7 Looking hopeful
C8 Grouch on the couch

No risk no glory, I feel very confident with ny pronostic however if i fault more 40 % winner or places I leave this blog, ok, see you in good news then

The results were satisfactories with 3 wiinners 6 seconds and 1 third over 15 horse racings then 10 races in the coming rent and you know that noone was favorit in bets