martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Cheltenham 13th march

Oh my God, Ruby Walsh was fantastic rider yerterday.

My slogan no risk no glory is imposible when theres a crack jockey.


My opcion of Grandouet was fine because I feel so happy they are well I think so.

Planet and Nadiya were awful race time.

The weather was frost and take away on thurday Croos Race and you know my favorite is Uncle

However No risk no glory again tomorrow pronostics:

1430 Tofino Bay fell very confident by me

1505 Rule the World beauteful option if Russel figth the race

1540 Hadrians Approach come on Henderson

1620 Sprinter Dacre no doubt the best horse in meeting

1700 Pendra first of Mc Coy come on

1740 Megalypos always Henderson

1815 RHugues, JP Obrien and G Lee great jockey flat race

Onward to victory!

God dave the Queen!