martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Haydock 31th october halloween horse racing

Good halloween nigth Ladies and Gentlemen, before the horse racing never stop supporting in my blog, you know my feelings on hurdle and chase, only win who reach the goal first, nobody knows what happening few moments before.

C1 Rigth to role
C2 Ocallaghan Strand
C3 Josies orders
C4 Satau
C5 Mirific
C6 Tahiti pearl

Wether If you think you can than if you think you can not, you are rigth, it is a relentless lawyer, you konw No risk no glory

Taunton 30th october horse racing

Be a safe with Sandy, God save people health!

Here in United Kingdom tha weather is better and good to soft;

C1 Thinks is all over
C2 No woman no cry
C3 Molotof
C4 Revani
C5 Cruise in style
C6 Shooters wood
C7 Kilmurvy

sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Aintree 28th october pronostic

C1 Son of Flicka, Holywell
C2 Handazan,
C3 First Fandango
C4 Buachaill Alainn
C5 Silver Roque
C6 Clomdaw Kaempfer
C7 Tiny Tenor

Hipodromo Zarzuela Madrid 28th october

Make up my mind once in spain turf where my feeling is out.
We have a few supporters and a lot of problems relationships.
My pronostics are sure to be right:

C1 Silverside is the best one but a short distance, maybe Otro Gintonic and Golfo Persico
C2 Acamante had a walk last race, Portueche and Tonsaf
C3 I love the old ones like Porquenotecallas and Meneldor but my heart is Belagua and fav is Monte
C4 Yucatan and my best handicap jockey, so my last pronostic all to winner Gobernadora last 25 a 1
C5 Baronia is fav but woulbe surprise with Nonalas and She Rules, Almazora come to win them.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Aintree 27th october

Here we are my favorite track, amazing jumping horse racing, fantastic dream where if you dont risk, youll never reach the glory, the machine e gun emotions are believe each chase and hurdle, God save Aintree!

C1 Cape Express
C2 Garleton
C3 Lexicon Lad
C4 Noble Prince
C5 Winds of war
C6 Inoogoo
C7 Many Clouds

Aintree its not a course to have a walk it a one for winners horses.

Fakenham 26th october horse racing

No news good news !

C1 Bingo des Motters
C2 There's no panic
C3 Laudatory
C4 Rockiteer
C5 Close Touch
C6 See you jack
C7 Ironically

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

Carlise 25th oct horse racing hurdle and chase

I say what I want to say and I want to say what I say, this sentence was telling for a President EEUU, God save him!


C1 Smart Act
C2 Bettle Milan
C3 Little Glenshee
C4 Mister Hyde
C5 Maybe I Want
C6 Super Duty
C7 Baltimoar

martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Fontwell 24th october horse racing

Maybe I make sure my pronostic come profitable next time.

C1 Traditional job
C2 Award winner
C3 Wherrimon
C4 Milarrow
C5 terra blue
C6 Arbayoun
C7 Old dreams

God save turf!

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Exeter 23th october horse racing

Here we are my pronostic

C1 Market option
C2 Mr Mole
C3 Rebel Rebelltion
C4 Geminus
C6 Roll the Dice
C7 Rocky Creek
C8 Giveagirlachance

God save the turf!

domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Cork 21th october

Wether You thik you can than you think you can not, you are rigth

C2North star Lad & Love Rory
C3 Courtncacher & Last time
C4 Foster Cross & Hans Crecent
C5 Ballyadam Brook & Tifino Bay
C6 King of Queens & Prince of Dubai

jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Fakenham 19th octobet

Whishing you a speedy winner in hurdle and chase horse racing

C1 Operation Tracer
C2 Alpine Breeze
C3 Pinotage
C4 Quinsman
C5 Zepnove
C6 Ironical

God save the horse racing!

Wether you think you can if you tjink you can not, you are rigth !

Champion Day Ascot 20 th october & Memorial Madrid 21 th

Hoy escribo mi ultima conversacion de galop, Frankel se retira y yo con el, Cirrus ni se le asomara, Orfevre era el unico que podia hacerle sombra y no va, vale menos pero gana mas pavos, me queda Radisiyna, mi ojito derecho, hace unos meses antes de debutar me fije en ella, y solo corria clase D, ahora a batir al mejor, de corazon puede y si mas 40 a 1 me tiro en plancha, mi vacaciones pagadas en Galway, no me dejo nada, el turf me aporto bfos y mi objetivo es que vuelva al mismo, el turf me quito y seguro que me lo reintegra,
Dejo el galop sin embargo quien quiera buscarme me encontrara en saltos de obstaculos y trotones, un completo desconocido mundial para un mundo que cta los pelos a un calvo, hoy mas que nunca levante con mis manos la Mijas Cup y Copa de Oro, con un caballo que no creyeron ni los coyotes, solo su propietario Fer gran amigo y Ana genial preparadora y quien les habla, supe siempre que era un campeon, este fin de semana, ya no estare, termine con el Txampion Day, vidas paralelas con diferentes destinos, Siempre me quedara Paris, use el face para dar vida a mi blog, y ahora usare mi blog para darme vida a mi, de todo corazon, Hasta siempre la victoria!

Uttoxeter, Wincanton, Punchestown 18th october

Here we are my emotional pronostic that are more profitable than racional one and I wish to win 23 tracks of 23 ok, so I did


C1 Rugh to rule
C2 Buddy love
C3 Natabotheronme
C4 Queen of mantua
C5 Worth a King
C6 Bay central
C7 Quiamo malta


C1 Buffy the beatle
C2 Twelve roses
C3 Esteem
C4 Chaser chance
C5 Castledown bridge
C6 Go annie
C7 Pretty penny
C8 The road ahead


C1 Tarla
C2 Milleyshah
C3 Clear hills
C4 Rawnaq
C5 Baylily Gren
C6 Magnanimity
C7 Westerm star
C8 Mollys afair

No risk no glory, God save the turf!

miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

Wetherby 17th october horseracing UK

I feel very confident with my english however I need improve it, practice in the real world and my blog its an oportunity.
The real question is coming with my pronostic, Im a great supporter in hurdle and chase horse racing.

C1 Libertys Gift
C2 The ring is king
C3 Cool touch
C4 Tinseltown
C5 Pigeon Island
C6 Dursey sound
C7 Imperial circus
C8 Saga de tercey

You must remenber next meeting on 27 & 28th Aintree

See you next track, God save Ridasyina!

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Huntingdon 16th october racingUk

The question is how could be the track by bad weather, so here we are my pronostic an a small lovering.

C1 Miss Exhibitionist placed 2m hurdle and come from flat race
C2 Tregaro high form a two winner chase
C3 Weekend Millionar 2m4f great results
C4 Forgotten Gold run Grade 1 chase
C5 Whenever ideal distans 3m
C6 Pure Style won flat race 2m last month

If I pronostic its for winnig the race, God save the turf!

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

Lost Glory 20000

Thank you very much all my followers for 20000 views my turf blog

sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Ffos Las & Limerick 14th october

These are my pronostic and I fell very confident ones, nobody think the same and its the reason " no risk no glory"

Ffos Las

C1 Smiling Lady
C2 Newton tonic
C3 Tornant
C4 Makethe mostofnov
C5 One term & Ahjaknowyerself
C6 On alert
C7 Power maker


C1 Mulleady
C2 khan tengri
C3 Busty brown
C4 Roadtoabbeyfeale
C5 Cross appeal
C6 knockfierna
C7 Oscar business & Johsnisberger
C8 Hes a deligth

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Chepstow and Hexam 13th October pronostic

This is the only blog in spain who writing about hurdle and chase horse racing.
My pronostics are resulted by my experience about analysis ones.


C1 Far west
C2 Boyfromnowhere
C3 Fingal bay
C4 Ubaltique
C5 Carrigmorna king
C6 Last Glory
C7 Until winning


C4 Saddlers Mot
C5 Bagders retreat
C6 Sammy spiderman
C7 Taxi des obeaux

No risk no glory God save the turf!

jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Exeter 11 october racing UK hurdle and chase

No news good news, my pronostics are been so good I feel my hearth jumping horse race.
Its nice to write about hurdle and chase that I considerer my best support.
I always recomend 10 winner 20 placed and you know that I never pronoctic the favorite horse due to these races are up and down sorprises.

C1 Xaarcet
C2 Flying Vic
C3 Ammunition
C4 Bennys mist
C5 Pericoloso
C6 Ivors King

No risk no Glory, God save the turf!

martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Ludlow and Towcester 10 october jumpin horse racing

Here we are to pronostic a new journal of hurdle and chase in UK
C1 Haymarket
C2 Titch Strider
C3 Oscar Glory
C4 Shabak hom
C5 The rockies
C6 Acordingtoilent
C7 Abruzzi

C1 Green back
C2 Thanks for coming
C3 Osmosia
C4 Buxom
C5 hit de switch
C6 Royale knigth
C7 Looking hopeful
C8 Grouch on the couch

No risk no glory, I feel very confident with ny pronostic however if i fault more 40 % winner or places I leave this blog, ok, see you in good news then

The results were satisfactories with 3 wiinners 6 seconds and 1 third over 15 horse racings then 10 races in the coming rent and you know that noone was favorit in bets

sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Arc 2012

I think that its the more important world horse racing galop.
Nobody can miss the journal, fantastic partants grupos I.
Here we are my pronostics a winner
C1 High jo
C2 Spirit quartz
C3 Magical Dream
C4 Olympic Glory
C5 Ridasiyna
C6 Orfevre
C7 Gharraa
C8 Starspangledbanner
C9 Saddlers Rock

Now its raining a lot in Paris, play it again, God save Arc2012

Fontwell 6 october horse racing hurdle chase

Congratulations everyone who support horse jump racing, and I would like to comment I love so much.
Here in my blog I write about it because theres a gap in the market giving news hurdle and chase.
I claim one in my country its no possible to attemp a jump racing, several years ago I miss this specialis turf and I hope it as soon as possible.
Nobody in Spain write news about hurdle and chase horse racing and Im the only one who talk about in my blog.
Thank you for visit my pronostic.
I always spend 10€ winner and 20€ place my favoritr horse.
My pronostic Fontwell

C1 Lakota Ghost a beatiful surprise
C2 Topaze Collonges won 47l last one
C3 High storm
C4 Tout regullier come down but could go up
C5 Peyekashe 3m 2f
C6 Terra blue run yerterday?
C7 Young hurricain

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

Fontwell and Hexham UK horse racing hurdle and chase

It,s time to do my best pronostic only winner twin each race.
C1 Fine Resolve & Soutfork
C2 First fandango & There is no panic
C3 Hi note & Coffee
C4 Marodima & Mister matt
C5 Galaxy rock & Mavalenta
C6 Terra blue & Double chocolate
C7 Rendt beach & Al Alfa


C1 Fast exit
C2 Kellys Brow
C3 On broadway
C4 Seedless
C5 Dotties dilema
C6 Cilliseal
C7 Whisky Galora

The end with a whisky on the rocks is a happy one.

See you next jumpimg horse racing and God save turf!

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Bangor 4 de octubre horse racing hurdle chase

Sligo was abandoned due to bad weather.
Im going to pronostic Bangor a great jumping horse racing in UK
C1 Im a Ganster
C2 Cross of honour
C3 Righ to Rule
C4 Marchand de Angers
C5 She ranks me
C6 Prompter

Its nice to comment my favorites horses and you know how much emotions are racing jump horse, see you next and God save turf!

martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Sligo 3 de octubre hurdle chase

Good news the pronostics are profitable if you make attecion here my blog
You know its an eficient analysis looking forward a winner who going up progress recently courses.
C1 Rising time
C2 Tales of Milan
C3 Hans Crecents
C4 Mister First
C5 Blaze of fire
C6 Top four
C7 Globalized

These pronostics are top risk however you could make a lot of money, all is posible in hurdle and chase.

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Sedgefield 2 de octubre

Its the time to change a new experience and also make my feel happy the victory
C1 Ahyakonwyerself
C2 Quinsman
C3 Tregaro
C4 Schinken Otto
C5 Spirit is needed
C6 Pyjama Jane
C7 Vinetta

God save turf!