sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Arc 2012

I think that its the more important world horse racing galop.
Nobody can miss the journal, fantastic partants grupos I.
Here we are my pronostics a winner
C1 High jo
C2 Spirit quartz
C3 Magical Dream
C4 Olympic Glory
C5 Ridasiyna
C6 Orfevre
C7 Gharraa
C8 Starspangledbanner
C9 Saddlers Rock

Now its raining a lot in Paris, play it again, God save Arc2012

Fontwell 6 october horse racing hurdle chase

Congratulations everyone who support horse jump racing, and I would like to comment I love so much.
Here in my blog I write about it because theres a gap in the market giving news hurdle and chase.
I claim one in my country its no possible to attemp a jump racing, several years ago I miss this specialis turf and I hope it as soon as possible.
Nobody in Spain write news about hurdle and chase horse racing and Im the only one who talk about in my blog.
Thank you for visit my pronostic.
I always spend 10€ winner and 20€ place my favoritr horse.
My pronostic Fontwell

C1 Lakota Ghost a beatiful surprise
C2 Topaze Collonges won 47l last one
C3 High storm
C4 Tout regullier come down but could go up
C5 Peyekashe 3m 2f
C6 Terra blue run yerterday?
C7 Young hurricain