lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Folkestone 20th november

20 N a history day when a great changes was gotten in an old european country, where nobody beliave in bicarbonato, so I feel very confident ours UK friends who aleays do the best.

C1 Floral Spinner
C2 Sir Fredlot
C3 Explained
C4 Wily Fox
C5 Promise Wings
C6 Forever my friend
C7 Just walking

Fakenham 20th november horseracing

Theres a few partans so its not easy to pronostic them .

C1 Tower
C2 Benny the Swinger
C3 Eighteen Carat
C4 Arkaim
C5 Midnight Macarena
C6 Future Dominion

Leicester course 19th nov horse racing

Today I do myself pronostic due to mu make my mind clear in hurdñe and chase

C1 AlllusivePower
C2 Nom de Guerre
C3 Wom
C4 Tindaro
C5 Grafite
C6 Croco Mister
C7 Kaylis Aramis