martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Punchestown Flags Pass 24th april

Sprinter Sacre simply crack, no news good news, delighted horse.

My pronostic Gold Cup Punchestown is Kauto Stone due to PF Nicholls and RWalsh need to recover luck the live is up and down.

Other race Nadiya De La Vega I feel very confidente with 2m4f, always prominent

At the end of meeting, last race the wind move the Flags Pass and the time go by.

Thank you all my followers just feeling horse racing and emotions at the same time.

Whatever you do, no risk no glory, come on Kauto Stone!

Punchestown Back In Focus

Start this entry without writting about Sprinter Sacre who races tomorrow in Punchestown, its a pleasure to see in action new one time. thank you!

Back In Focus put me attention about Godsmejudge the winner in Grand Nathional Ayr last saturday.

Here we are my apps Racing UK , whose I do my best sigth and first information filter.

Its not the same to be good handicapper than good forecaster you know.

Its not the same writter than better at the same time.

Write for my friend and bet to live not to win, just in time its not for blooging, feeling like my best friend, no blog you are like a without home.

No risk no glory its the great different about last two sentence.

I,ll see you in the next victory!