martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Leicester 12th december

I really happy to talk abaut horse racing in Leicester, no risk no glory

C1 If in Doubt
C2 Rouge Et Blanc
C3 Oscar Hilll
C4 Balinroad my bet of the course
C5 Sir Frank
C6 Filbert

Hexham 12th december jump horse race

The horse racing bet is the most difficult bet in the world, as you know who following this blog only two pronostic days was no winner in my pronostics like yesterday and 58 days was a succesful bets so if you think im rigth like you think im not rigth you are rigth.

C1 Talkin Sence
C2 Granville Island
C3 Saddle Pack
C4 Et Maintenance
C5 Imjoiking
C6 Shooting Times
C7 Bunratty

I feel very confident with my pronostic well analysed