martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

#Cheltenham 2nd Day #Festival2014

1st Day fantastic Suntiep 3rd 4m, HollyWell winner Oneil, first race WpMullins with R Walsh and Venteux, Pipe win the next one, The Champion Hurdle winner Jezki my favorite always but today Ive prefered My Trent Of Yours second 1/2 l, you Know no risk no glory, nothing is possible if you suppose  on winning is easy.

Cheltenham is the best meeting jump horse of the world.

My today tips, were the yerterday worry that they will be tomorrow satisfation.

1330 Leutenant Colonel

1405 Ballecasey

1440 Whisper

1520 Captain Conan

1600 Big Shu

1640 Katgary

1715 Izzini

the best is yet to come

God save The Queen!