jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

Stratford 28 septiembre 2012 hurdle and chase

C1 River Valley
C2 Roll de Dice
C3 Lost Glory
C4 Agent Archie
C5 Peckhamecho
C6 Old Pais Act

No risk no Glory!

God save turf!

Perth 27 de septiembre

Play it again Perth, fantactic jumping race horse.
See you soon my friends, here we are my pronostic and I remember Ill never pronostic favorite , make up places who could win ok
C1 Royal Scoundrel
C2 Rain Mac
C3 Inoogoo
C4 Piment Dstruval
C5 Mighty Whitey
C6 Rossinis dancer
C7 Captain Pierce
The rent of the yerterday pronostics were profitable, God save turf!