sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Hipodromo Zarzuela Madrid 28th october

Make up my mind once in spain turf where my feeling is out.
We have a few supporters and a lot of problems relationships.
My pronostics are sure to be right:

C1 Silverside is the best one but a short distance, maybe Otro Gintonic and Golfo Persico
C2 Acamante had a walk last race, Portueche and Tonsaf
C3 I love the old ones like Porquenotecallas and Meneldor but my heart is Belagua and fav is Monte
C4 Yucatan and my best handicap jockey, so my last pronostic all to winner Gobernadora last 25 a 1
C5 Baronia is fav but woulbe surprise with Nonalas and She Rules, Almazora come to win them.

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